Creative and Effective Breakthroughs in Marketing Children’s Books

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March 26, 2016

Marketing Ideas You Might Have Taken For Granted

How long has it been since you first published your book? Is it selling well? If yes, congratulations! You might have discovered the right strategy. If not, have you identified the culprit?

Marketing children’s books can be challenging, but know that there are creative remedies at hand. Read more.


Book signing at LitFire booth (FIL 2015) with Bobby Sherman, author of children’s book Magical Wings


Here are Creative and Effective Breakthroughs in Marketing Children’s Books


If you believe that the problem is not your book, then it must have crossed your mind that the problem could lie in an ineffective and inefficient promotion approach you have taken in the past.


A number of strategies in promoting a book surround every author. But, have you ever paused and asked yourself whether all of those campaigns are the right ones for your book? Recall that you are a children’s book author or illustrator. Your target audience is different from other genres because you are not only selling your work to children; you are also selling to their parents who are in fact the ones buying the book.

To assist you in taking the right track, here are some of the marketing tactics that are appropriate for children’s authors and illustrators like you.

  • Build your brand
    Before you plan out the marketing campaign for your book, establish first your persona as an author. In building your brand, there is only one question to answer: Who are you?Provide well-thought-out information about yourself on your book cover, blog, and social media. You may also include personal facts that may interest your target consumers.


  • Coordinate with local bookstores
    Contact bookstores that allocate several hours of story time for kids. Volunteer to read and sign your book. If the bookstore allows, film the event and post it on your blog, along with a news releaseAlso, you can talk to the owner, present your book, and let him know where the copies are available.


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  • Reach out to libraries
    Ideally, a library is not the best place to sell a book, but it wouldn’t hurt if you donate even just a copy of your book. In a matter of time, if teachers or even students find your book to be a great learning material, who knows, the library might purchase copies in bulk.


  • Enlist your book in competitions
    Typically, competitions require an entry fee per title. If your title wins, wouldn’t it be great to promote it with award stickers?


  • Visit schools
    If an event doesn’t exist, create one. Schools are usually delighted to welcome volunteer authors for story reading and book signing.During the visit, be creative to engross the young audience’s attention. You can either present your book in a low-tech manner such that your audience will closely listen to you, or in an ultra-modern way wherein you bring along life-size character models to entertain young minds.

  • Be visible in children’s book fairs
    Book fairs, in general, offer an opportunity to showcase an author’s title to fellow authors, illustrators, publishers, rights licensors, and other book-industry professionals. For children’s publishing and multimedia industry, children’s book fairs uniquely cater to the works of art by authors and illustrators for children.

    Book fairs are usually paid. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with your publisher regarding book fair fees. Always remember to update yourself with both local and international events.There’s always a better way to solve problems. The marketing strategies have been offered to you, it is now your duty to apply them. Stare at them and nothing favorable will happen. So, why not use them to your advantage.


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