Clarion Book Review: Opportunity or Disaster?

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January 21, 2017

In this age of hard selling and deliberate consumerism, you can barely go five feet from your home without running into an advertisement of some sort. Billboards, magazines, television, radio, and in recent years, social media, have all become too familiar that the competition has become grueling and even more difficult. And this is no different in the publishing industry. Authors compete with one another to build credibility, gain trust from readers, and hopefully get the consumers to click the Add to Cart button.




So are book reviews important?

Nowadays, talent and career success are not mutually exclusive. Some of the most successful authors are those who are willing to take risks and have solid marketing plan. Other authors swear by social media marketing, while others said that getting book reviews have worked well for them. While there are various types of book marketing strategies and tactics, book reviews have remained to be the most reliable marketing technique to secure one of the top spots on the sales chart. Book critiques can help generate word of mouth sales so your target readers are able to notice your book.

Pitching book critics at traditional publication to review a book takes time. The best book reviewers receive hundreds, if not thousands, of titles every month, so if your book didn’t make it to the cut, you might have to consider other alternatives. For many self-publishing authors, hiring a fee-for-review service is a much better deal that saves them a lot of time.


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Introducing LitFire’s Clarion Book Review Services


LitFire Publishing has since teamed up with Clarion Reviews, Foreword’s fee-for-review service to help authors with their publicity campaigns. The list of packages can be found here.

Clarion curates the self-published section of the industry to help indie authors reach their target audience that are otherwise difficult to tap into. Having founded thirteen years ago, Clarion has capable writers who are known for their utmost attention to detail and keen eye for even the faintest clue.

Also worth mentioning are their book reviews that generate thousands of comments from readers due to their solid social media vibe. Clarion presents a solid and unbiased feedback for your book, with most reviews situated around 400 to 500 words.

If you submit your book to Clarion Reviews, you’ll get your review in six to eight weeks which, with your permission, may be displayed on Foreword’s website and licensed to its partners at Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Bowker, Cengage, and EBSCO.

Get expert opinion of your book with LitFire’s Clarion Reviews Package.

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