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August 24, 2016

As a committed author, you want your books to be exposed to a wide audience. You are ready to spend fair cash to get the attention and sales it needs. But more importantly, you want to get most of what you paid for. Here are top book advertising sites that give the best deal for your book marketing budget.


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Book advertising during the London Book Fair 2016


Top Five Paid Book Advertising Sites for a Reasonable Book Marketing


There are a myriad of options in marketing your book. While others prefer free advertising, some pay to get a better result. If you belong to the latter, you should know that e-book promotional sites can give you a successful head-start in your book adventure.


  1. BookBub

BookBub’s goal is to notify millions of subscribers around the world to their desired book genre (free or 70% off book deals). BookBub can help authors in book online advertising to surge to its full potential.

  • 7 million subscribers
  • Proven and tested by many authors as the best and smart way to advertise book
  • Advertises book through online e-mail newsletter
  • Increases well written book reviews, readers, downloads, and book sales

Possible Budget:

The slot price depends on the book genre and price ($0.99-$2+ or free).

  • $60-$390 (for books labeled as free)
  • $120-$1,000+ (for books with profitable price)


  1. Books Butterfly

Books Butterfly, a Canadian company, is one of the superior book vendors in book promotional sites for authors. You’ll get five main benefits called the 5Rs.

  • Reach. E-mail lists, blogs, websites, and other book promotions, 241,788+ e-mail subscribers and 170,866+ twitter followers, 217,588+ readers, and 110+ blogs and websites
  • Results. Refund is applicable if the sales don’t meet the target
  • Rankings. Guarantees an increase in sales ranking in different stores
  • Reviews. There are specific slots that assure a chance of reviews
  • Readers. 70+ active countries and a plethora of blogs and sites

Possible budget:

Depends on the number of your expected downloads and sales

  • $50-$400 (free book ads)
  • $50-$280 (for books at $0.99)
  • $70-$100 (for books priced over $1)
  • $110-$350 (Boxed Set Promotion Slots)


Finding the right market can be exhausting.Here are niche ideas to help you out.


  1. Ereader News Today

This is the best site for readers who want to receive free and bargain e-books, especially from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. One of the finest promotion sites for authors to upsurge their book sales.

  • 470,000+ Facebook followers and 185,000+ e-mail subscribers
  • Book promotion in their website, social media sites, and daily newsletter
  • The most affordable and popular e-book advertising site today
  • Provides greater chance for book to hit the Kindle list, Amazon bestsellers, or better, the NY Times bestseller

Possible Budget:

Depends on your book genre and price

  • Book of the Day: $60 (book price below $2.99)
  • Book of the Day: $150 (book price above $2.99)
  • $30-$40 (free book ads)
  • $35-$60 (book price at $0.99)
  • $45-$70 (book price at $1.99)
  • $75-$135 (book price at $2.99)


  1. Kindle Book Promotions (KBP)

KBP offers a one of a kind marketing strategy through a simple goal: land your book to a bestseller position in Amazon.

  • 70% of their subscribers give feedback on your books
  • Promotes on B&N, Goodreads, and different Amazon sites
  • Has book launch and promotion deals
  • Gives the best possible kick-start to be the Amazon’s book bestseller
  • There are group of subscribers who will promote or buy your book

Possible Budget:

  • $380 (20 book sales for a $2.99 book price or below)
  • $490 (25 book sales for a $2.99 book price or below)
  • $650 (33 book sales for a $2.99 or below)
  • Taster: $95 (analyze and list your book to the best category)


  1. Bargain Booksy

This is a site where readers can find best bargains of book and e-books, and authors can have book promotion with their large pool of registered users and creative advertising ideas.

  • 195,000 members
  • Offers a perfect deal of desired book genre and format
  • Boosts book rank on different book retail sites
  • Sends book to every kindle reader via e-mail, with over 120,000 subscribers
  • Features book in the with the cover and book description included
  • Can issue full refund if the editorial guidelines will not hit the goal

Possible Budget:

Price is based on your book genre

  • $25-$125 (book price must be between $0.99 and $5 for a Bargain Booksy feature)


Banner e-marketing


Paid book advertising is also about right timing and dedication of work. So don’t get high expectations; stay focused, learn, and enjoy a great book adventure.

P.S What’s next? You’ll probably run into book promotion problems. Use this guide.

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