Book Giveaway Ideas You Can Use for Your Own Event

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August 20, 2016

Book giveaways can greatly boost your sales. You may think it’s a costly process when you just give away your books, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, it could well be the best investment you can do—if you genuinely want to make people read your work. Here is where we outline the best book giveaway ideas you can use.


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In 2015 LitFire organized a book drive campaign during AJC.


Here Are Five Book Giveaway Ideas You Can Use for Your Own Event


Organizing a book giveaway doesn’t take much to do. At its most basic, you only need a good supply of copies to hand out to readers, to raise further awareness of your work. There’s no doubt that you can boost your readership when you give away free books as you see fit.

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However, it’s not something you should take for granted. There are factors that you first need to consider before you even proceed, since the process may be new to you, and you may not find it as simple as you think. Here’s how you can organize a successful book giveaway.

  1. Set an ideal date

Establishing a giveaway works best on days when people are most active. This means set the date on weekdays, as you can reach out to people more. If you’ve essentially been promoting your book on the internet, you’d also know that users are pretty much alive on weekdays, especially during certain peak hours.

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  1. Establish an attractive theme

Identify and pattern your theme after the genre of your work. Have you written a fantasy book? Then give your event a fantasy theme! Have you come up with a work of historical fiction? Throw in some trivia. If you want your readers to win free books, at least make things interesting for them.

  1. Use social media

A good way to organize a giveaway is to reach out to readers on various social networking and giveaway sites, such as Good Reads, Wattpad, and Book Divas. The amount of people you can reach through such sites is astounding, and it could make your life easier when you want to build your audience.

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  1. Give something else away

Aside from giving free copies of books, it’s a great idea to have some other giveaways to entice your audience to actually getting your work—which is the first step to getting them to read it. Tempting and luring potential readers this way can get you far with book marketing, and your audience might just tell their friends about the giveaway you’re organizing.

  1. Give e-books instead of physical copies

E-books are less costly to produce, and are easier to distribute. If you’re just giving away books for free, why not avoid the high cost and hand out digital copies instead? Nowadays, readers already have access to the necessary technology to read e-books. Don’t be afraid to do e-book giveaways.


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Are you ready to get started with your book giveaway event? Then, just consider the tips above!

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