Are You Doing Enough to Increase Your Book Sales?

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June 22, 2016

In a saturated market for books, selling yours is a big deal. Marketing your book can be tedious, as promotion is a cruel process, especially when you’re a self-published author. However, it is an integral part to making sure your book reaches the people you’re targeting.


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How to Do “More than Enough” to Increase Book Sales

Marketing books is arduous, but writers need not fuss about it too much. Coming up with excellent strategies and ways to improve sales is a surefire way to getting your work out there. Here are some effective book marketing ideas to increase sales of your book.



  1. Learn Your Demographic Group

For whom is your book written for? Are you targeting children, teens, or adults? Perhaps you’re aiming toward doctors or certain professions. To make sure, you can always conduct surveys or observe the preferences of certain people.

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  1. Take Yourself Online

Nowadays, the internet has made marketing easier for you, as it makes interaction with readers more personal and dynamic. You have a wide array of choices when it comes to marketing your work online, from social networking sites, to blogs. The rise of Web 2.0 makes it convenient for authors to reach a worldwide audience.

  1. Form a Network

Forming a network of librarians, book retailers, book club members, and the like can spread the word about your work in more ways than one. Influence can give your work a much needed boost and could lead to an increase in sales. Remember that the most important resource you need are people. With a network of people around, you can take advantage of such resource easily.

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  1. Get Reviewed

One of the best ways to spread the word about your book is to garner reviews from various individuals. Although there are popular review sites that offer professional reviews, you can err on the cheaper side by just asking those you know to check out your book, and leave reviews on online book sites.

  1. Try Out Different Methods

If the methods to increase sales above don’t work, you can always test out different ways to promote your book. There is absolutely no need to go for conventional means. Sometimes, you just need to go crazy! If you’re bent on promoting your book, then you’ll do what you can, just to do so. There are various marketing tips to increase sales out there.


The tips and strategies to increase sales mentioned above may not be for everyone, but they can be of great help, especially when you feel lost in the world of promotion. You can improve sales in many different ways. When asking how to increase sales, only you can give an answer.


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