Six (6) Marketing Ideas to Know If You Are Doing It Right

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February 22, 2016

The Newbie Author’s Quick Guide in Book Marketing

Your first goal as a newly published author is to make a name in the marketing and publishing scene. Start with the basics first and learn as much as you go along. Because marketing your book requires going beyond the usual advertisements, we give you these six useful tips that will help you create a more solid marketing blueprint.


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Authors, whether self-published or not, know their responsibility in publicizing their own works to attract bibliophiles, establish readership, and eventually, obtain a high rank in book sales.

To know more about book marketing ideas, here’s a quick guide that will help novel authors in getting their best books known to impending readers.


  1. Generate reader avatars. As an author, it is very important to have knowledge about your target audience. Research about them, identify their common characteristics, and study what makes them purchase books to read. Then, create a reader avatar or a persona that represents your target audience. Design original avatars for each genre you choose.


  1. Produce a new book cover. Maybe, you’re old book cover keeps you from getting prospective buyers. Why don’t you try a new book cover design? Something that enticingly captures the theme of your story. To be more effective, include a compelling book blurb, positive reviews, awards granted to the book or author, and quotes from other authors, at the back cover.


  1. Get more exposure online. As much as your book needs promotion, so are you. Construct an online platform so readers can reach you. Build an author website that will reflect your brand and help you foster readership by attracting potential readers. You can also engage with your readers by adding your social media sites and by regularly posting a blog.


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  1. Fashion unique book promotions. Make your book matter as effective as possible by cross-promoting books or including an excerpt of the first chapter of the sequel book. You can also present your book and make it globally available for pre-order.


  1. Acquire honest reviews for free. In exchange for an honest review, distribute free copies of your book to significant bloggers, top Amazon reviewers, loyal readers, and editorial reviewers. Additionally, register your book in competitions. If your book wins, it will not only receive a review, but also a title.


  1. For free or not for free. Make a distinction between things that you can give for free and those that are not. Keep in mind that lowering your book’s price is a strategy to attract prospective buyers. If you had hooked readers for a free book, there’s a big chance that they will buy more books authored by you. See Figure 1.


Figure 1: Sample Table 



These are the basic ideas on book promotion. It may take quite a while to see the results, but, when applied with consistency and patience, these tips will surely work.


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