5-Minute Essential Guide: How to Start Self-Publishing your Book

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February 29, 2016

Self-publishing can seem complex for new authors. Without proper knowledge, the idea of publishing your own book can be daunting. LitFire Marketing Specialist discusses important self-publishing dilemmas that every first time author encounters.

“If one just takes time to read about how to publish a book and connect with the right publishing partner, the steps can be quite simple.”



How to Self-Publish your Book: 5-Minute Guide for First Time Authors


Tip #1 – Make your book as error-free as possible. Edit!

Self-editing can be tricky, which is why you should seek help from others. But before you hand over your draft to a professional editor, have at least three people read your book to spot the errors. You can ask your friends to do this or you can find people online who are willing to edit your book without charge, but in exchange for a free copy. Make the necessary corrections and then send your final draft to an editor. Hiring a professional editor is a good investment. It’s the best way to make sure your book is as error-free as possible!

Tip #2 – Lure people in with your book cover and description.

Your book cover is held responsible for making the first impression. Make people want to pick up your book from the shelves by having an attention-grabbing book cover. It must spike their interest and make them curious.

And when they finally pick it up, make sure your book comes with a compelling description that would turn those potential customers into readers. A book description serves as a sales copy that will help readers identify a problem, which you will then solve. It is also through your book description that you will be able to convince people to buy your book without having to actually say it.

Tip #3 – Publish your book in Kindle format.

Apart from the traditional paperback and hardcover formats, you can also publish your book digitally. One of the perks of technology advancement is being able to bring digital copies of your book to far corners of the world. Surely, you’ve heard of Kindle. It makes reading digital books easier and accessible. If you want to publish a Kindle version for your book, you would need to convert it to the MOBI format. Once you’ve done that, upload your eBook to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • eBook in MOBI format
  • Book cover
  • Book description (Sales blurb)
  • The instructions on Amazon are very simple. Just follow them and you’ll publish your book on Kindle in no time!
Tip #4 – Take advantage of Amazon’s KDP Select.

By signing up for KDP Select, you will get to choose from the two promotions that are being offered: sell your book for 99 cents for 7 days (and get 70% royalty) or offer it for free for 5 days. However, if you do sign up, your book would have to be exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. After that time period, you’ll be free to sell your eBook anywhere you like. Many authors choose to offer free copies of their eBook for 5 days. Don’t worry; instead of losing sales, you’ll be opening the door to more potential purchases. If readers like your book, they are likely to give a good review or recommend it to their friends.

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