5 Easy Book Publicity Ideas to Boost Your Market

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July 16, 2016

There’s perhaps no better feeling in the world than being able to finally finish that book you’ve been writing. However, is being an author really as simple as getting a book printed and published? Maybe you’ve been asking yourself the same question in the past, but have now run into a dilemma that is haunting you the more you learn about book publishing.


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These Book Publicity Ideas Are What You Need for Successful Book Promotion


Every budding author is going to need the best book marketing advice. Although crafting and stringing words is easy enough for many writers, it’s the act of getting their book across readers that proves difficult. You as an author, therefore, need the best book promotion ideas available.

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Authors typically neglect the aspect of marketing a book, unaware that the book doesn’t promote itself. Self-published authors are usually the ones who run into the marketing problem, considering that for the most part, they need to do publicity themselves instead of relying on the publishing companies to do so.

Here are some tips you need to learn before you start marketing a book.

  1. Put more emphasis on being discovered than selling

Understandably, as an author, you need to earn and make money off your work. However, people want to know who you are first, and what you’ve written. Reading a book takes time, and if you’re merely around to just sell, you won’t be able to develop a connection between your work and your readers.  Come up with a publicity plan to get more exposure.

  1. Have a solid press kit

Joining events and conducting book signing activities is always a wonderful thing to do, especially in how to get your book noticed. You should be able to offer media kits to people who are participating in any event you’re in. The media kit should tell people who you are, what your work is all about, and why it’s important to readers.

  1. Mold a great book pitch

Why does your book stand out? Why should people check it out? You should include the answers to these questions in your book pitch. If you’re unable to convince yourself why people should read your book, then you probably need to work on your pitch better. How you advertise your book should also focus on how you make your pitch.

  1. Use the internet

Perhaps one of the more straightforward ways to promoting your book is using the power of the internet. Everyone is on social media, and people have encompassing access to websites and blogs. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the internet has become one of the best book marketing tools in today’s world.

  1. Get remarkable reviews

Reviews help you out in many ways. If your audience sees that your book is any good through reader reviews, they’ll become more interested in what you’ve written. People want feedback and they want some form of confirmation that what they’re getting is worth it. Gaining reviews for your book may require you to hire professional reviewers, or to tell friends about your work. But as long as you get excellent reviews, you’re safe.


Apply book marketing ideas when you become a published author. Here’s how to get started.

Marketing your book does require time and effort, but accordingly, it’s also vital to do so, and can be extremely rewarding when done right. So whenever you need to promote your work, you only have to push yourself in making the effort, as there are numerous promotion ideas out there that you can take advantage of.

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