LitFire to Elevate Authors through October Promos for Marketing and Publishing

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October 20, 2016

As LitFire grows, marketing and publishing opportunities are placed at the forefront.

In self-publishing, marketing is even more important, since self-publishing companies usually leave it up to the author to promote their book—but that depends on the publishing package authors have availed.

Yet, there are also self-publishing companies that provide separate marketing services at a fair price, something that will further boost sales and promotion of books.

london book fair
At the London Book Fair 2016

LitFire Publishing offers authors book marketing services to help writers garner more readers and increase book sales. Since LitFire understands the book publishing process, authors are aided in each step to marketing their books, from coming up with the ideal marketing strategy, to making use of online marketing books.

Since LitFire has been in the self-publishing industry for quite some time now, it understands the needs of authors who want to promote their work to a much wider audience.

With emphasis on the importance of marketing in the publishing industry, LitFire aims to promote authors’ works through book fairs, author brand management, book reviews, trailers, and print ads, among others. Such methods will allow for a wider reach of authors’ works.

LitFire is currently offering book marketing promos for October.

One of which is providing your book exposure in LitFire’s WayFairer magazine, an official publication that exists to inform readers of upcoming self-published works and rising self-published authors, and provides lessons for writers who want to come up with better stories, as well as those who want to get published.

Know the details of the promo here.

Another one of LitFire’s deals focuses on its publishing packages. Availing either the Glow, Pyre, Flash, and Glare packages will get you 1/4 ad space, free of charge.

The Ember, Blue Flare, Blitz, and Blaze packages will get you 1/2. Both packages will be talked about in the WayFairer’s issue for the American Library Association in 2017.

Litfire booth bologna
LitFire Booth at Bologna 2016

With the rise of self-publishing and newfangled marketing methods, LitFire aims to take advantage of authors’ needs to give them satisfactory results in the years to come.

Although authors will need to play a role, they no longer need to fret when it comes to sharing their book with the world in a dynamic way.

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