LitFire Publishing’s Silver Screen Service: The Cinema as Your Bookshelf

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December 15, 2017

As authors involved in their own book promotion ought to know, it’s not just about print advertising. Of course, written ads in newspapers with loyal readerships have merits in its unlimited exposure. When it comes to marketing your work, consider the diverse forms of mass media regularly consumed by your target audience.

Larry Friend
Author Larry Friend and Illustrator Mindy Makis at AMC Hawthorn 12 theaters, Vernon Hills, Illinois

How can you broaden your book’s reach?

On top of radio commercials and television interviews, LitFire Publishing provides Silver Screen Service. Imagine a thirty-second trailer of your book projected in the movie theater of your choice for four weeks. With the special Audience Accelerator feature, your book trailer can be accessed from the mobile devices of moviegoers. Package upgrades include table and standee displays at the lobby, along with customized merchandise like bookmarks, business cards, postcards and pens.

What do authors say?

Larry Friend of Icy the Iceberg and Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett speaks of his experience with the Spotlight package: “…the most amazing thing is to see your book and illustrations on the Big Screen. The book trailer was played on every screen in each theater prior to each movie.”

LitFire’s Silver Screen service has four packages: Extended Campaign, Classic, Standard, Deluxe, and Spotlight. Check package inclusions here.

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