LitFire Publishing is Coming to Your Phone: LF Mobile Apps

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May 18, 2015

Get updates from LitFire Publishing straight to your phone and web browser

In the quest to bring readers closer to books and authors to the highlights of the publishing world, LitFire Publishing launched its own set of mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Amazon, as well as a Google Chrome extension and app.

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The LitFire Publishing mobile apps are designed to:

  • Deliver news from the publishing industry
  • Give updates on LitFire’s latest publishing and book marketing deals and services
  • Provide book publishing and marketing tips and advice from the experts
  • Offer a virtual bookstore for readers to discover new books and authors

How to Operate

Getting the mobile app is super easy, and it’s free to download from the top mobile app stores! Simply go to your smartphone or tablet’s app store, download the app, and voila! A treasure trove of information and valuable delights is ready at the tip of your fingers.

The app is compatible with the latest version of their respective operating systems.


Chrome Extension and App

The LitFire Publishing Google Chrome extension and app are brilliant new ways to stay updated with the publisher and the publishing industry.

These browser applications will take your Chrome browser to a higher level of connectivity. Stay in step with the latest trends and news in the publishing industry, learn all about LitFire’s delicious publishing and marketing services, and get expert tips and advice that will help make your book take off.

To download the extension and app, head to Chrome web store, look up the LitFire app and install it. It’s that easy!


For the Blackberry apps, watch out for updates! We’re working on bringing you the best in mobile technology. So, sit tight and keep an eye out for updates.

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