David Random Tells Witty Tales of Advertising in Defying Gravity

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July 11, 2016

Ever wondered what it’s like to be engaged in the peculiar world of advertising? Are things about one of the most influential businesses really as they seem? In David Random’s Defying Gravity, you can surely catch a glimpse of the state of things in the advertising industry. While many see the world of advertising with glamor and style, it’s actually not all that. In fact, Random conveys to us short stories of how wild, witty, albeit cynical the world of advertising can be.

Defying Gravity is an unapologetic look into the advertising culture of old, which includes the often romanticized Madison Avenue advertising era, as well as the evolving trends in publicity.

As an award-winning (and controversial) ad man, David Random spent decades creating memorable ads for the general public since the ‘60s, from pet food to sneakers. He’s also had his work published in major magazines such as Time and Newsweek. It’s no surprise that David—having spent time in New York- and Boston-based firms, as well as fifteen years in his own agency—has many stories to tell, which are included in his work,Defying Gravity.

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The book doesn’t just tell tales of David’s life in the world of advertising, but is also an informative piece on how the industry works and how TV shows, such as Mad Men and The Pitch, have glamorized the industry, to the point that it becomes unfamiliar to those who have decided to venture into it.

There’s no better way to put David Random’s experience into words than to describe Defying Gravity as a tantalizing work filled with humor and whim, which further resonates into how the advertising industry functions in the modern era.

Readers will learn many things from David Random’s Defying Gravity. We believe that in this time and age, it’s iconic in itself.