LitFire to Display Quality Titles in the 2017 Tucson Festival of Books

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February 11, 2017
Tucson book fair
LitFire at Tucson Festival of Books 2016


It was in 2009 that the Tucson Festival of Books was established. During such time, the festival managed to gather 450 authors from all over the country, as well as 50,000 regional visitors. It’s always been a welcome opportunity for readers, writers, publishers, and agents.

LitFire has been participating in the Tucson Festival of Books, and this year, it’s no different. LitFire believes that the book festival is the perfect opportunity to promote albeit unknown self-published works and even those who didn’t publish with LitFire. It’s not just the Tucson Festival of Books LitFire has been in, but also the bigger ones like the London Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The presence of LitFire cements the name of its authors, among others, in the world of publishing, and even in the world of literature. There’s no denying that LitFire is more than willing to help budding authors out, and even authors who’ve already established themselves in the industry.

LitFire offers flexibility in book festival services. It’s all about commitment for the self-publishing company, making sure that authors will get the most out of its services in an already existing market. Writers should really take advantage of LitFire’s services that allow them to promote their works to thousands of participants who are willing to give quality titles a shot.


Festival of Books


The 2017 Tucson Festival of Books will be held on March 11 to 12, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., at the University of Arizona Campus.

Be sure to drop by LitFire’s booth and check out the books displayed.

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