LBF 2017: Connecting Literary Creativity Further

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July 31, 2017

LitFire’s Participation during the 2017 London Book Fair

The Olympia Exhibition Center became a marketplace as publishing professionals and participants scampered throughout the hall for the London Book Fair. Hailed as the “bustling center for rights and negotiation” by professionals from the publishing industry, the grand literary fair opened its door once again on March 14-16, 2017.

The book festival was unstoppable, with more attendees than last year. With a total of 1,499 fresh titles presented and promoted during the fair, LBF becomes one of the grandest book events this year.

LBF hall
London Book Fair

The annual gathering was filled with cheery and fiery atmosphere where attendees witnessed six-figure deals and film rights—including the Sunny March film deal with writer Matt Haig, Cara Delevigne’s upcoming YA novel Mirror, Mirror, and the UK Children’s Summit 2017 and CMC Rights and Exchange.

LitFire Publishing was in the midst of fun and thrill for this book fest as we update real-time videos and photos to the event, to heighten online visibility and leverage our presence to the fair.

LitFires Booth
LitFire’s Booth

On the first night, the Book Fair International Excellence Awards were announced, with Paris’s Shakespeare and Company awarded as Book Store of the Year. And on day two, industry professionals and renowned authors filled the halls, Olga Tokarczuk, Zygmunt Miloszewski, Claire Armitstead, and among others entertained the crowd with slate talks, and crime fiction writing techniques.

On the final day, Poland publishing industry passed over the market focus to the Baltic countries. For 2018 LBF, they’ll have the chance to display their best-sellers and vibrant network opportunities.

Do you want to pitch your book to next year’s London Book Fair? Send us an e-mail! Join the buzz. We’ll see you there!

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