Joining Book Clubs: Perfect Reasons Why Teachers Should Encourage Kids to Participate

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September 7, 2017

book clubs

When kids join book clubs, they continuously hone their skills.

Have you ever thought about getting your students to join book clubs?

As a book enthusiast, you may be wondering why you should join one. You may or may not be familiar with how book clubs operate, but it’s always a good idea to look into one that you can join.

You may find the benefits of joining a book club enjoyable than most, keeping your self-improvement and development in mind.

Why, then, should children join a book club for kids? Are there any known perks to joining one? While you don’t really need to join a club that talks about books on a regular basis, you may find something worthwhile in doing so.

Here are some reasons to join a book club online, or in your community.

1. Being in a book club urges you to read more books.

Clubs have monthly book lists, and these come with a deadline that will push you to prioritize your reading. Moreover, if you’re a notoriously slow reader, other members can teach you reading techniques to help you read faster.

2. You get to meet new people who love books as much as you do.

When you’re in a book club, you are going to meet people who will listen to your rants about a book. You get to meet people who have the same interests that you have—reading, and possibly even writing.

Furthermore, most book club members aren’t only devoted readers, they are also talented writers.

Book club members

3. You can discuss the issues in the books that you’ve read.

Being in a book club is like enrolling in an English class: you get a reading assignment and then you are placed in a group to discuss the issues that this particular book holds.

A group discussion will give all the members in the club a chance to reflect on what they have learned from the book. You can even give the book club ideas they can use in the future.

4. You can borrow books from other members.

By borrowing other members’ books and letting them borrow your books in turn, you are all going to save money—unless you’re planning to build a home library. In that case, then you’re probably going to buy your own books to fill up those shelves with book club favorites.

5. You can learn writing tips and techniques from the other book club members.

Many book club members are also writers. If you are a writer, you can learn techniques that other writers in your club use in their craft. Also, you can share your own techniques with your fellow members. In a book club, you get to help one another become better writers.

6. You get to be part of a community.

When you join a book club discussion, you get to be part of a community. Being a part of a community will help you as a reader, as a writer, and as a person.

Convinced that you and your students should join a book club? Go ahead, and find one in your local community. You might just come across a club with the same interests as you. In turn, you’ll get kids to check out amazing titles.

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