How to Publish Your Book

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April 3, 2017

If this is your first time publishing a book, you better know these tips.

how to publish a book

Publishing a book may take time, especially if you want to get your book published for the first time, but here at LitFire Publishing, we simply want your manuscript and fulfill the process that works around your advantage.


We recommend you seriously follow these tips:

1. Write and proofread your book.

write and proofread your bookWrite your book during your peak hours—the time of the day when you are most productive. Read your work repeatedly and pay attention to any errors.

2. Ask help from a professional editor.

ask help from professionalYour editor is your literary agent—your expert. Hire a professional editor even if you’ve been a writer for decades because an editor will see the mistakes that you missed while proofing your work.

3. Give your book a title that deserves to be a best seller.

best sellerAn amazing title is very important in getting potential customers. Create a title that will make readers turn their heads, pick your book, flip through its pages, and take it to the counter.

4. Hire a professional book designer.

a professional book designerYour book designer will design your book’s exterior (cover) and interior (layout), and will make sure that the size of your cover is appropriate for the number of pages that your book has.

5. Settle all the legal aspects.

legal aspectsPart of knowing how to self-publish a book is understanding the legal aspects of the publishing process. This includes purchasing an ISBN, adding a Copyright language, and reviewing the agreement contract with your publisher.

6. Find the right distribution channel for you.

the right distribution channelThere are numerous distribution channels out there, but not all of them will be right for you. Always check their background and the genres that they cater to. Through this, you’ll have better chances at getting your book into bookstores and other retailers.

7. Market and promote your book ALWAYS.

book marketing and promotionYou must market and promote your book as often as you can to get your book noticed. Invest your time and effort in marketing your book—try social media and blogging, and attend fairs and events.

Now that you know how to self-publish a book, let us help you start. When you click on this page, we’ll give you access to starting your career as a published author.

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