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September 20, 2018


LitFire’s Self-Publishing Packages

A starter pack is defined as a set of things that are useful when performing an activity or heading somewhere for the first time. Self-publishing comes with its own starter packs. With traditional publishing still seen as the standard despite its shortcomings, self-publishing is seen as a risky investment. The Glow package is our best entry-level offering for independent authors.

After the laborious process of finishing a manuscript, which is an achievement in writing and revising by the author and editor, it’s now time to publish. With Glow, we pick up exactly where you left off, beginning with image insertion, interior layout and formatting, and cover design. Electronic and physical proofs are then presented to determine whether it’s ready for the printers. Upon the book’s completion, it is then registered with the Library of Congress and ISBN—the books are now ready for distribution. After paperback copies are sent to the authors, the book can be ordered and shipped, all while enjoying promotions at international book fairs and having to access to a sales and royalty portal.

The core services contained within the Glow package provide everything to the author who is just starting out. So, when are you ready to write the first page of your literary journey with LitFire?

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