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August 19, 2015

This September 4 to 6, 2015, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) – Atlanta’s number one source of news and information – will be having their annual Decatur Book Festival. The event is the grandest independent book festival in Georgia.

LitFire will be one of the many exhibitors during the event. We are so excited for the chance to take part in the jam-packed festival this year! We are looking forward to witness poetry slams, panel discussions, author readings, parades, and even cooking demonstrations! What’s more is that we will be having our annual Book Donation Drive at the said event.

The purpose of this literary campaign is to share talented, world-class authors’ books to the local libraries, public schools, book clubs, charities, communities, and other organizations accepting book donations. The book collection will happen on September 5 to 6 at 5:00PM. Books of all genres will be accepted. We want to help authors not to let their books be left unread. And we wish to give the enthusiastic readers a chance to discover their masterpieces. We aim to find a home for every book.

Donating books is also a great way to spread the fondness of reading. More importantly, it gives the people in low-income areas the chance to learn from and enjoy literary pieces that they cannot afford. A book can inspire. A book can change lives. And who wouldn’t want to get the opportunity to inspire people and change lives, right?

After the festival, we will be taking the donated books to our office to sort them by genre and then distribute them to the appropriate beneficiaries. Any books that won’t be distributed right away will still be donated to charities throughout the year.

So, donate a book to support our campaign. It will be good for you as an author. When people find your book to be worth the read, word about you and your work will spread like wildfire and more people will want to read your book. A single book in the local library can be read by a hundred pairs of eyes. That could be your book. Wouldn’t that be great? Most importantly, it is never too early to give the gift of sharing. No need to wait for Christmas to start sending out gifts!

Don’t think of giving away your book for free as a loss, especially on sales. Think of it as an opportunity – an opportunity to help, to influence, to inspire, to entertain, to create connections, and to change a lot of people’s lives.

For more information about our Book Donation Drive and how to contribute to our campaign, please visit our information page.

Apart from our donation drive, we will also be displaying many of our authors’ books. You can find us at booth number 121. Also, attendees will get the chance to meet some of our authors as they will be having their book signing sessions during the festival.

See you this Labor Day weekend at the AJC Decatur Book Festival 2015!

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