Frequently Asked Question: Is LitFire Publishing a Scam?

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August 2, 2017

We know how to get your book out there. We can help.

You’re willing to spend a considerable amount of money to get your book published. You don’t want your spending to go to waste on scams and frauds, and you’re hesitant to gamble on expenses that could possibly yield nothing. In this case, finding a credible self-publishing company can be a tricky deal.


scams and frauds


Looking for the ideal publishing company may entail hours and hours of research. It’s a natural course of action, of course, but the problem is that you’ll find a lot of conflicting information when it comes to the right self-publishing company, as there are numerous website scams out there.

Is LitFire a Scam?

Self-publishers often get associated with the word “scam,” especially when they’re mentioned on scam alert websites. While this is natural for many of us to find out the credibility of certain companies, perhaps it only takes a little leap of faith to trust a company you’re looking into.

We truly understand the pressure and unguaranteed promises of self-publishing. Yet to achieve the success you dream of, you have to take risk and convert this pressure into a great possibility—the possibility to become the next successful author and gain wide readers around the world.

So why not publish with us?

LitFire Publishing is a highly-established self-publishing company with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. It consists of dedicated teams of editors, designers, developers, and associates who are more than willing to help you in publishing your book.


LitFire Publishing


Since its founding in 2008, LitFire has paved the way for authors to get their books out there and make them accessible to readers all over the world. LitFire has also participated in major book fairs, such as Frankfurt and London.

Royalty Policy

LitFire understands that people get apprehensive over our royalty policy. Our associates and those who’ve published with us can confirm that you get 100% royalties, along with full creative control of your book.

With many authors having signed with LitFire, you have our assurance that we’ll give you quality self-publishing services, with all the benefits in between.




We understand your concerns regarding what we have to offer. Rest assured LitFire genuinely wants to help you reach your goals as an author.

LitFire has participated in the recently concluded AJC Decatur Festival, last September 2-4, 2016.

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