Essential Writing Hacks You Can Learn from the Greatest Authors to Improve Your Writing Skills

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September 8, 2017

If you want to start writing now, learn from these writing hacks by famous authors.

We can learn many things from the greatest writers in history.

Learning from them is obviously a great way to improve writing, and it’s understandable why plenty of people take inspiration from their most marvelous of works, even to the point of having derivatives of them.These great writers were once like us. They didn’t really know where to start. But as they grew as writers, they then became some of the most influential in history—and they have a thing or two to teach us on how to write creatively.

Famous Authors

Reading is the foundation of writing.You develop your word choice, your style, and your voice from reading.

What you read determines how you write, and these serve as your ammunition in writing. So, devour as many books as you can because it is essential to being a great writer.

No one wants to hear the same boring story over and over again. No one loves a rehashed story either. Do what you can to bring something new into your writing.

You shouldn’t wait for inspiration.Spending some time off makes a lot more sense than beating yourself up with clichés and burnt out ideas. If you plan to go big, don’t settle with mediocrity.

Ernest Hemingway

When you’re trying to write, don’t be too obsessed with editing. Don’t keep on going back to see how well one word fits with the rest.

If the words are incessantly pouring out of you, let them. You’ll find what to do with them later.The important thing is that you get to capture those ideas before you forget about them. The first draft doesn’t need to be perfect.

With Google’s help, your audience will find what you mean, and they’ll probably wonder why you used “rhinopharyngitis” when you could’ve saved them time by using “the common cold.”

When you’re trying to win people’s trust, simple everyday words are necessary. What matters is how you weave these words into one organic whole.

George Orwell
Anton Chekhov

This is the famous “show, don’t tell” rule of writing.When you “show,” your reader will have a better understanding of what you are trying to say.

Showing makes things more interesting. It makes your writing come to life, whereas simply telling leaves everything flat and boring.

The writer must be immersed in what is being written.

The writer must believe in what is being written, or else, the writing won’t get through the readers.

Think about it. If you don’t even believe in what you’ve written, how do you expect it to be believable for your readers?

Robert Frost
Lev Grossman

What works for other people might not work for you.If you listen to other people’s advice about writing, decide first if you can go along with it. If it can’t, then try the opposite.

If it works for you, stick to it. By the end of the day, what matters is what effectively makes you a better writer. Hence, do whatever you think will help you improve your writing.

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