Do You Have Effective Marketing Plans?

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February 4, 2017

Your reputation as an author is as important as the book you’re writing. You’re going to need some management if you want to improve your image as a writer. In any case, being an author entails plenty of things, and author brand management is a crucial component that can’t be neglected.


Marketing Plans


LitFire’s ABMP as a marketing plan is a great way to get started with branding.


While authors opt to establish their own brand, publishers also help them out in their own management, considering they’ve signed authors to be part of their family. But in terms of self-publishing, it’s safe to assume that branding and marketing tactics are tasked most especially to the author and may not really involve the self-publisher itself.

However, there are plenty of self-publishers out there who are offering author brand management programs that can further give authors a boost in their brand. Being a published author, of course, does entail careful planning.





LitFire Publishing also offers author brand management programs aimed toward promoting the author’s name and building a writer’s reputation in the world of publishing and literature.

LitFire’s ABMP includes numerous marketing plans that include book review services, print ads, and social media marketing, among others. Web promotion is a key focus in LitFire’s AMBP.

The plans that ABMP offers are just vast and highly recommended. You can essentially pick either of these plans that last between three to twelve months, depending on your requirements. The inclusions are just what any author needs and are great for those who are just starting out in publishing.

In any given scenario, LitFire’s ABMP service is geared toward sales and effective promotional strategies that can further boost them.

If you’re an author yourself and are looking to establish your name in the publishing world, why don’t you try out LitFire’s ABMP? Check the package that best fits your needs.

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