What Makes E-Book Publishing Favorable to First-Time Authors

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October 18, 2017

E-Book PublishingWhat’s the most important thing for first-time authors? It’s to get their stories out there. Some even give away chapters of their books—sometimes the entire thing—for free just to attract potential readers. This is where e-book publishing can enter the scene and play. Aside from being digital and portable, e-books can bring more benefits to rookie authors when used strategically.

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Below are just few of the reasons why publishing through the e-book format is an edge.

Nothing to lose for first-time self-publishing authors

If you’re still making your name in the world, testing the publishing waters through e-book publishing is one of the smartest choices you can make. You can opt to follow the route of self-publishers before you, and give away free books to get readers’ attention. Or you can distribute your book at a cheaper price than ther e-books in your genre. Either way, you will be able to get your story—and your name—into e-readers’ devices.

DIY publishing and distribution

DIY publishing and distribution

One of the good things about publishing through e-book is you can do the entire publishing and distribution process on your own. There’s no need for traditional publishers or self-publishing companies. Although, you might still need help with marketing. Still, that’s a large discount when you think about the regular publishing cost.

Low production cost

Since there are e-book conversion software programs online, you won’t have any problem turning your manuscript into PDF or EPUB formats (usual digital formats used for e-books). You only have to worry about essential services like copyediting, book cover design, and payment for copyright registration. You will still spend money, but not as much as compared to self-publishing using the printed format.

Marketing strategy for personal or business publicity

Marketing strategyWhen you’ve already made your name in other fields—say counseling or business consultancy—writing a book through e-book publishing is another publicity advantage. This is a way to add traffic to your website and, most importantly, add credibility to your name.

There is little risk and a world of possibilities with e-book publishing. All you have to do is find all the right elements—narrative or subject matter, your writing style, design, marketing strategy—and fit them all together. Start writing an e-book now, and experience the perks firsthand.

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