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October 3, 2016

Romance Novels Dominate as the Best-Selling Genre in the Industry

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As far as financial success is concerned, publishing romance novels as a business have become one of the most lucrative genres in the industry. Romance novel authors find greater financial success due to high demand from fans who read romance novels voraciously.

According to The Romance Writers of America, an estimate of $1.08 billion worth of romance books was sold in 2013The genre has far outperformed other literary genres like mystery novels, science fiction, inspirational, and classic literary fiction.

Do romance novels sell incredibly well?

Here are the reasons why romance novels get the maximum audience potential:

  • Women make up for 67% of sales of romance books for adults, which means this genre has a large following and has an even bigger demand.
  • New romance books have subgenres, including contemporary, paranormal, thriller, suspense, and historical. This means that readers have a wide selection, and they dig that.
  • Romance novels online account for an astounding eighty-seven percent of the Top 100 bestseller books on Smash words.

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LitFire’s RAD Romance Publishing Package

Romance writing has become an accessible way for new authors to tap into a bigger market. Self-publishing houses allow authors to publish their manuscript, get a book review, or even revamp a previously published manuscript.

LitFire introduces its RAD Romance Publishing Package This newly released specialty package offers three options, with full with production, design, and marketing features for the first package. See the list of packages here.

Why Choose LitFire?

Whether you wish to write contemporary romance novels, historical romance, or short story romance, LitFire’s RAD Romance Publishing Package ensures your book’s exposure is taken care of through book display events and international show exhibits.

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