Digital Marketing Importance to Authors: A Self-Publishing Staple

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October 4, 2018

Digital Marketing Importance to Authors

In a world of booktubers and book trailers, the publishing industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Thus, the modern author is one who self-publishes books and sells independently. Digital marketing’s importance to authors lies in how it brings you beyond the bookstore. Even bestselling authors never underestimate the importance of a significant online presence.

If you’re an author who is still starting out, solidify your brand early on. Blogs, social media pages, and reviews all work toward that end goal. Therefore, a self-publishing author is then both an artist and an entrepreneur. While your literary output should be able to stand on its own, digital marketing is about getting your books sold and read. Here are the benefits of digital marketing:

Expand personal and professional networks.

Digital marketing guarantees you and your product will always be found. Did anyone get your name? You’d be at the top of search results. Sharing posts about your work and upcoming events—or even a light-hearted life update—humanize you and encourage engagement with readers and future collaborators.

Reach more for less

                Digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to put yourself out there. Back then, expensive and time-consuming market studies were conducted before launching a product or service. With the tools available now, it’s easier to reach more people with less expense or effort. It takes just a series of clicks. This is how the digital marketing importance to authors proves its worth best.

Monitor your customer’s actions and preferences.

Web analytics can track and measure data to devise strategies that will appeal to fans. After all, for what good is exposure if it can’t lead to conversions? The role of digital marketing in the self-publishing author’s career has the capacity to directly affect book sales.

benefits of digital marketing

Keep you on top of competitors

Digital marketing pushes you ahead of the pack over other authors who may not have made the plunge yet. While they wait around with their reservations, you’re already enjoying its privileges.

Control your content.

                Just like self-publishing itself, you have a say. You can put out what you want when you want with digital marketing. It’s important that your online presence bears a similar voice with what you have in your books. Curating the right posts means putting forth the right message.

Think of this list as a starter pack—it only scratches the surface of digital marketing’s importance to authors. Experience the change firsthand and enrich your self-publishing journey with digital marketing.

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