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June 10, 2016

LitFire’s Step-by-Step Process on Full-Color Services

Full-Color Publishing is designed precisely for brochure printing, booklet printing, children’s picture books, cookbooks, and graphic novels­. These books rely heavily on colorful and vibrant images to tell a story. LitFire’s Full-Color Publishing goal is to justify any author’s visions through employing the best illustrators and designers. The author will need to keep in touch with these artists to achieve the desired look of the book. On the other hand, Black and White Publishing is designed for fiction novel and nonfiction novels, memoirs, and other genres that don’t contain pictures or require a colorful interior. If you want to see the B&W packages, click here.

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Color Publishing Input-Process-Output

The first stage of self-publishing process is the Submission of Requirements. LitFire is known for its quality publishing services and reasonable prices. Below is a checklist of the things that you will need to submit:

  • Order Form
  • Author Agreement
  • Your Manuscript
  • Your Images
  • Book Summary and Author Bio.

After that, your book will undergo the second stage which is the Pre-Production. This phase includes the copy editing process which will be handled by professional editors and credible copywriters. You will also communicate with illustrators to create the images that you have always envisioned. If you choose to publish with LitFire, you won’t need to apply for an ISBN and copyright registration, as it will be taken care of.

The third stage is the fun and artsy side of the entire publishing process—the Cover and Interior Designing Process. You will get to decide what fonts to apply, the type of paper to use, or how big your book should be.

Lastly, you will be given a chance to Preview the digital and physical copy of the book. At this stage, your manuscript has fully transformed. The management will wait for the author’s signature and go signal to print and send the book to the client’s location.

LitFire has four types of Full-Color Publishing Packages: Flash, Glare, Blitz, and Blaze. Each publishing package contains basic services. No matter which package you choose, LitFire will guide you right from the Pre-Publishing to the Post-Fulfillment stages.

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