Book Festival Update: LitFire Once Again Participates in the 2017 Tucson Festival of Books

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January 31, 2017

As the Tucson Festival of Books approaches, LitFire aims to promote authors on campus.

Once again, the Tucson Festival of Books looms on the horizon. By that, more and more authors, publishers, and agents are opting to participate in what is perhaps one of the biggest book festivals in the country. The Tucson Festival of Books gives everyone the opportunity to show off their works to enthusiasts nationwide.

Tucson Festival of Books, 2016-min
Tucson Festival of Books, 2016

What started in 2009 at the University of Arizona, exhibiting over 450 authors from all around the country—as well as 50,000 regional visitors, the Tucson Festival of Books has since been hosting writers and publishers nationwide, deeming itself a national book festival on its own.

The possibilities in the Tucson Festival of Books are just endless. There are great prospects for authors to score a deal or promote their work, as well as for publishers to share the titles they’ve signed and find great authors in the process.

LitFire will once again participate in the 2017 Tucson Festival of Books this March 11-12, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the University of Arizona campus. LitFire aims to promote quality titles from authors around the country who are in it to share their works with the rest of the world.

With the appeal of book fairs among LitFire’s authors, the publishing company is confident that many of them will have their works spread locally and regionally, sending out a message that there are lesser-known books that LitFire chose to publish—books of great quality that’ll draw readers in.

LitFire Participation - Tucson Book Festival 2016-min
LitFire Participation – Tucson Book Festival 2016

LitFire has always been participating in many book fests, literary fairs, and literary fests around the country and around the world, even the most prestigious ones such as the Frankfurt Book Fair and the London Book Fair. With LitFire’s presence at Tucson, it’s a welcome addition to the publishing industry hoping to tap into the already-established market.

Authors ought to take this opportunity to join the Tucson Festival of Books under LitFire, who specializes in promoting authors in various events, exhibits, and writers’ festivals. Its team of marketing professionals are always there to help budding authors get their work across, especially in a market saturated will millions of titles that have been overshadowed by millions more around the globe.

If you’re interested in witnessing the Tucson Festival of Books, you may drop by at the University of Arizona campus to see a wide array of books on display by different authors and publishers joining the book fair. Also, be sure to check out LitFire’s own booth and the best titles that you may never have heard of.

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