5 Best Editing Tools for Writers that Help Create Better Content

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October 23, 2017
It’s what most writers hate: the tiresome, painstaking, plainly overwhelming task that is editing.
Editing isn’t not every wordsmith’s cup of tea. You won’t be surprised to hear authors heave a collective sigh when they hear the word.

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Best Editing Tools for Writers that Help Create Better Content

But today, technology is in their favor. Editing content can be as easy as installing an editing software. Here are five editing tools you can rely on as you contemplate whether you want to know if your writing sucks or if it’s immaculately perfect.



A game changer and a truly efficient writing editor, ProWritingAid is an essential tool for all wordsmiths alike. It’s your ultimate proofreading buddy that checks on plagiarism, grammatical errors, and style issues. It detects areas that need improvement. The tool also makes sure you don’t repeat common mistakes by providing writing advice and reports.

Overall, ProWritingAid is your multi-purpose editing tool that can be used in varied versions for Chrome, Mac, Word, Google Docs, or even in Scrivener.


GrammarlyThanks to Grammarly, you don’t have to worry about your writing mistakes on any online platform. Add the free browser extension on your Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, and you’re ready to go. You can also use their online text editor; just copy and paste your text.

Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling-checker tool that helps proofread your work, and makes your writing better. It’s one of the most trusted online editing tools with superb grammar knowledge-base that every writer should take for a test drive.



Polish your manuscript without compromising your creative process. SmartEdit doesn’t edit your work, but highlights and tracks your writing errors, leaving room for you to decide what’s good or bad, or what needs to improve.

Perfect for novelists and creative writers, it’s not an online writing editor that robs the actual editing which is fully left to the writer itself. Instead, it provides a list with items that you may or may not need to edit.

Hemingway App

Hemingway AppThe Hemingway app is an online color-coded editor that measures the “readability” of your content. The app highlights complex or extra-long sentences, adverbs, phrases, and even of passive voice which you can edit. It then displays a colored box with the type of error and the number of times the error appeared in the content—a notable editing tool that is a marriage of form and function with simplicity.
After the Deadline

After the Deadline

After the Deadline is an online English grammar checker that keeps your content clear and grammar flawless with the use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology. The editing software checks the grammar, style, misused words, and spelling, then gives an explanation of the writing mistake and provides excellent suggestions.

Not only will you be able to pinpoint writing errors, you’ll also know why they’re considered mistakes. After the Deadline isn’t your regular editing checker, it analyzes your manuscript and spots writing pitfalls. The grammar checker can be also used as plug-in for WordPress to improve your blog content better.

Sure, these editing software tools are changing the way we work on our manuscript. But it doesn’t mean writers should completely rely or take advantage of their efficiency. Nothing can still replace the keen eyes and judgment of an actual editor.

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