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What Images Can You Share Legally?

Things You Want to Know About Copyright Infringement and Fair Use   Images are considered as vital assets for digital marketing. On social media, you can observe how visually appealing content can go viral and get rave views. Even marketers agreed that visual content is the most valuable and effective type of marketing content. However, Read More »

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First Impressions Last: The Value of Book Cover Design To judge a book by its cover—let’s be honest, it’s something we all do. While it’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there’s an aesthetic common ground we can all agree on. A good cover is a memorable first look that invites one to flip the page and get Read More »

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Spreading the Literary Good News

                 Source: When the average everyday reader is bombarded with new titles, the competition can be stiff. How can authors stand out the best way they can? A news release keeps you on top of the literary game. Our news release service is the shout-out your book Read More »

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Glow Up with LitFire’s Self-Publishing Packages

  A starter pack is defined as a set of things that are useful when performing an activity or heading somewhere for the first time. Self-publishing comes with its own starter packs. With traditional publishing still seen as the standard despite its shortcomings, self-publishing is seen as a risky investment. The Glow package is our Read More »

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