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Book Distribution Channels: Finding the Right Types of Resellers

You can always choose to directly sell your book to your readers (through e-mails, call sales, website promotions, or blogs). It’s manageable—you have complete control over the entire procedure. But if you want to reach thousands, go through the middlemen. These “middlemen” are the different marketing channels—the resellers—who can aid you in the book distribution Read More »

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Voice Out Your Blog via Facebook Ads

As the Big Daddy in social media, Facebook has helped many entrepreneurs and marketers reach a wider audience to promote services and products.

The same is true with bloggers promoting their sites and blogs.

With its friendly interface, available interactive content, and billions of users, Facebook has become the marketing megaphone for advertising.

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Do You Have Effective Marketing Plans?

Your reputation as an author is as important as the book you’re writing. You’re going to need some management if you want to improve your image as a writer. In any case, being an author entails plenty of things, and author brand management is a crucial component that can’t be neglected.

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10 Tips on How to Create a Supervillain for Your Novel

Majority of these villains have changed over time. How do you exactly craft the best villain, without it sounding overused?
Simple. Oppose the hero.
As a writer, you will always find yourself drafting exciting new characters and character plots. Antagonist, villain, evil, supervillain—the “bad man” or woman should always be there.

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