Your Unconventional Guide to Photography: 3 Awesome Techniques to Create Photo Books

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August 26, 2015

A single social media website can host thousands of your photos. But despite its massive space, the joy of browsing through those photos won’t be the same as flipping through photo albums.

There is a universal and unique happiness in looking through photo albums and rediscovering how silly your haircuts were, how much you loved to draw, or how often your siblings made you cry.

The digital age has improved the way you document memories. Instead of the traditional photo albums, photo books are becoming the norm. Parents are publishing photo books to capture their kids’ development, to document family trips, and to remind their kids what they should look forward to and be thankful for every day.

Here are three creative ways to create photo books:

1. Determine the type of photo book you want to create.

What type of photo book do you want to make?

Do you want one for your wedding, your travels, or your everyday family activities? Once you know what type of book you’re going to make, it will be easier to organize the photos and pick a theme.

For instance, Ashley Hackshaw creates photo books about her daughter. Each book highlights her daughter’s development in a year. Ashely includes scans of her daughter’s hand drawings, her handwriting, and her selfies.  She even includes the funny conversations she has had with her daughter.

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2. Show your story.

Murad Osmann caught people’s attention when he began publishing a photo series of his girlfriend leading him to different parts of the world. His photos does not only show picturesque landscapes, but these also depict every couple’s dream – to travel the world together.

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Murad Osmann has amassed tons of followers on Instagram. But even he thinks that it’s a great idea to publish a photography book!

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What do you want to remember 15 years from now, or when you’re old and gray? Don’t leave out the best parts. Photo books will be there to remind you of the kind of life you’ve lived.

3. Inspire your audience!

Whether you’re traveling the world, or playing in your backyard, never forget to inspire your audience! And who might that be? You and your loved ones, of course.

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When your kids grow up, you will have a hearty laugh when they see your photo books. They might feel embarrassed, but for the most part, they will be happy that you took the time to make the photo books. So, make sure your content tugs at heartstrings. And don’t hesitate to put a few embarrassing elements. Make every memory count!

When you grow old, your photo books will remind you that you have so much to be thankful for! Even those lazy Sunday afternoons with friends or family play a big part in making your life beautiful.

A few things to remember when you make your own photo book:

  • Less is more. Don’t lump too many photos in one page. Don’t overwhelm the senses. Take pleasure in every shot.
  • Captions aren’t compulsory. But, if you want to make sure you won’t forget about a few details, then feel free to add them to the page!
  • Organize your photos. You don’t need to add every single shot to the photo book. Also, take note of the order of images – what comes first, what follows, and what concludes your story. Stay true to the story you’re telling.