You Too Can Produce a Masterpiece Like Famous Authors

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May 24, 2016

These Authors Achieved Successful Writing Using Strange Habits

Let’s face it: there are always famous authors and books we wish to emulate. However, these authors have habits that we may not know of. After all, we may also have our own habits ourselves. Yet for many of us, it’s surprising to learn of the habits these authors have.

famous authors
famous authors

Some may be eccentric in nature, but what holds true is that these habits have truly helped these famous writers excel in their given craft—which is probably why they’re known for how they lived or the style they wrote.

Here are some famous authors listed, including their habits!

  1. Franz Kafka

Kafka had an unhealthy habit, which may have affected his health. He stayed up working all night and would sometimes catch the sun in the morning. He then had lunch in the afternoon and slept until the evening, where he’d then have dinner with his family. And then, he’d start writing again.

  1. Thomas Wolfe

Wolfe often had to force himself to write ten pages a day. At that amount, he’d write approximately eight-hundred words and wouldn’t stop until he reached his quota. He also wrote while leaning on a refrigerator due to his height.

  1. Edgar Allan Poe

We probably all know Edgar Allan Poe for his dark and gloomy writing. To write his final drafts, he used separate pieces of paper. He attached them into a running scroll with sealing wax. Also, it’s been said that Poe wrote his stories while getting intoxicated.

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  1. Ernest Hemingway

It may be surprising to know that journalist and novelist Ernest Hemingway couldn’t stand the heat, especially when he spent some time covering the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway often wrote in the morning to avoid the searing heat of the sun. Perhaps he was sensitive to it!

  1. John Steinbeck

Steinbeck was a tad paranoid, fearing his materials would be depleted. As he preferred writing his drafts in pencil, he kept a dozen of then, sharpened well on his desk. He also used round pencils, as hexagonal ones gave him thick calluses.

While it’s common for writers to be comfortable with what they’re doing to boost their creative juices, you may have found some of them bizarre. But you may not be aware of it: you may have some strange habits yourself. Yet whatever they may be, like even the most famous writers, always put them to good use.