Why Brand Image Building Matters in this Day and Age

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September 17, 2015

Why Brand Image Building Matters

If someone mentions Starbucks, Nike, and Chipotle, what pops into your mind?

Well, one thing’s for sure: the mere utterance of these brand names brings their logos to mind. Aside from that, you can’t help but think of the products you love, the services you admire, and the campaigns that they have launched, which you found to be inspirational.

Do you remember the Starbucks campaign in 2012 that benefited AIDS awareness? That was nice! Recently, Nike has upped their game by establishing a campaign to support women’s athletic endeavors. And for Chipotle, well, their infomercials against the processed-food industry have left the industry riled up, continually inducing debates about its effectiveness and truth.

The brand image primarily serves as a reflection of the company’s ideals, goals, and services. Establishing this identifier will make it easier for the company to develop strategies for promotions, marketing, and sales that can reach their desired audience.

To be specific, if you establish a strong brand image, it can help you achieve the following:

1. Your brand image is your I.D.

Again, your brand image is an identifier. All there is to know about your company reflects on your brand image. It is what your company stands for – your vision and mission. Your brand alone says so much of your services and your products. From your logo design and color scheme to your brand’s products and your company building, these enable your audience to recognize the type of company you are running.

For example, from the Starbucks logo, which is green in color, to the interior of their cafes; they all invoke peace.

Establishing this identifier makes it easier for your customers to talk about your brand. They will know how to describe your products or services to their friends. This way, it’s easier to change those prospects to actual customers.

2. Your audience can differentiate your company from your competitors.

Your brand image does not only make it easier for your customers to blab about the highlights of your company; it also spotlights the unique qualities of your brand. Capitalize on brand image because it is a statement to your audience about the qualities that set you apart from the competition.

A great example of this is Ben & Jerry’s. What is unique about their brand? Well, their ice cream isn’t the only flavorful aspect of their brand. Their ice cream names are funny, wacky, and all the more inviting!

3. Your audience will know what to expect.

Your brand serves as your company’s promise to your audience. In a way, it allows them to know what to expect from you – your products and services. Do you see the importance in image building yet? For instance, if you advertise ’all-day breakfast‘, of course, your audience will expect breakfast meals to be available at any hour of the day.

4. You can gain a loyal audience.

Once you know what your company should stand for, it is relatively easier to establish your company’s strategies. This focus will allow you to develop effective strategies that will guarantee you to reach your target audiences. Once you succeed, you won’t be far from turning your audience into loyal customers.

Again, your brand image represents the type of products that you sell and the kind of services that you offer. If you’ve given your audience what they need and more, they will become regulars.

5. You can command desired pricing.

Once you’ve gained your customers’ trust and once they know that your products are of great quality and that your services are superb, they will be willing to pay for these even if you change your prices to improve profitability. Apple is the epitome of this. Their products don’t exactly come cheap; however, their customers indulge because they know that they are paying for top-of-the-line products and services.

The brand image building process will require a great deal of planning. So, start building a good brand image as early as possible. Once you’ve got that down, the rest will follow smoothly. And you will soon achieve your business endeavors!