What You Need to Know About Developmental Editing

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May 16, 2016

Here’s Why Developmental Editing is Important

Traditional publishers usually offer developmental editing for authors who’ve been signed with them. Self-publishing companies also offer developmental editing services for authors who want their work to be further polished.

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Developmental editing is different from the type of editing as we know it. It brings to mind the flow of the story and some issues with plot points that need to be addressed. For writers who are unsure of the general makings of their work, developmental editors aid in the process.

For the most part, it is reserved for non-fiction books. While developmental editing fiction books may involve your heavy input, it’s become rather crucial for self-publishing authors who wish to do things their own way. If you’ve considered self-publishing your book, you also need to consider the developmental editing process.

If you want to do it yourself, you may enroll in a developmental editing course. You may take some programs online or search around your local community if you’d rather have a more personal approach. As you look online, you’ll find that there are many developmental editing samples that you can get inspiration from. Learning about it will help you in the future, especially when you decide to get a job as a publisher instead of writing a book.

New writers should always consider the option to have an editor develop their book, as it is essential in creating a quality product that makes use of its potential. In any case, the potential to writing a book ought to be pushed onward. Even when you’re going for the traditional publishing route, you also might want to take advantage of developmental editing services to impress publishers who’d most likely sign you for your book.

If there’s any reason at all that any book should be edited in that aspect, it’s to keep the audience interested and to prevent readers from nit-picking certain points that may prove to be embarrassing. Whenever possible, have someone look over your work and allow them to address some parts and issues that need to be corrected.

Expect clear and concise edits from editors as such, and allow them to give creative input of your work. They may also suggest some things that may be needed to improve your language in writing, dialogue, and the like. While they aren’t the ones who’d do the writing themselves, they can help you in what you want to achieve.