Use These Essential Ideas to Writing a Captivating Opening Sentence

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June 17, 2016

Sure Ways to Start Your Introduction Sentence Right

Creating opening sentences that captivate readers is a skill that all writers need to develop. Whether it’s in business writing, articles, or essays, good opening sentences and introductory paragraphs can draw the line between success and failure. Learning to write a great opening sentence is required for authors who want to gain great things from their writing.

Introduction sentence
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How do you write a good sentence for an opening paragraph that’ll truly get readers’ attention the first time? Here are five methods and ways to start sentences that’ll captivate your readers.

1. Go for Simplicity

You don’t want to bombard readers with an overcomplicated sentence that can barely make any sense to anyone reading. People don’t want to be intimidated by the prospect of having to adjust to your writing style, so at least for the opening sentence, keep it simple.

2. Make Readers Wonder

Have you ever encountered an article that makes you want to read onward after the first line? Your goal, therefore, should be just that. You don’t want to continue reading an article if it doesn’t give you a sense of awe and wonder, the first time you encounter it. Pose a question. Leave a few details ambiguous. However you want to do it, it pays off to boggle readers’ minds.

3. Use Active Voice

When describing an action, take note that you shouldn’t drive your readers to boredom. They need to feel compelled; passive voice only takes away that enthusiasm from them, so practice writing in active voice. If you’re unsure if you’re writing a passive voice, try adding the by followed by a noun. If it makes sense, then you’re writing in passive voice.

4. Set the Tone

Do you want your article to sound professional? Or perhaps you want it to sound quirky. Given the right audience you’re targeting, setting the wrong tone might put them off. See the world from your audience’s perspective and you’ll learn what tone to set for them.

5. Learn from Others

We have access to vast resources online, so there’s absolutely little excuse to not learn how to improve your writing. And by reading articles, you can get ideas and make use of them to develop your trade. The best writers, of course, write the best opening sentences. Be sure to check out introductory sentence examples.

How you’re writing your opening lines determines your reputation as an author. Articles and essays provide useful information, so be sure to get your opening sentence right.