Essential Ways on How to Blog a Book

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April 18, 2016

Key Points to Consider When Creating Effective Book Blogs

Blogging your book is vital in today’s world, especially for writers who have just started out with getting a book out there. As an author, you are, of course, inclined to write, and you may want to turn your book into a blog!

how to write a book blog
Blogging could get you way ahead of your dreams.
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Even with the advent of web interaction, how to write a book blog is still a common dilemma among authors. Fortunately, here’s a brief guide with key points to help you make your own blog!

1. The frequency of your entries

How often should you post? It may be daily, or weekly, but monthly may be pushing it. Regardless of how frequently you put an entry up, it’s always important to be consistent, so that readers would know what to expect.

2. How you’re going to divide your book

The general rule is to post one entry per chapter. Budding writers would often post one chapter once or twice a week. If you can do so, then two chapters per week would be ideal, just so your readers won’t get jaded.

3. Additional information

What else do you want to tell readers about your book? Are there any themes that you wish to elaborate? When doing so, it’s ideal to insert notes every chapter. Not only does this get the information noticed, but squeezing in notes also makes for good fillers.

how to start a book blog
You can work just above everywhere and post as you see fit.
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4. Enticing publishers

Your work will be available online. It’s the perfect opportunity to impress publishers. When you have good content posted, you might be able to catch the attention of publishers or agents who are into finding the next big thing—especially now when you can just create a book from blogging!

5. Teasing the next phase of your work

If you want readers to get hooked on your book and your future works, why don’t you go ahead and post teasers? This is especially useful when you’ve already had a few works or shabby chapters up and would wish to promote your next piece.

Lastly, make sure that you’re hosting your blog on a reputable hosting site such as WordPress. WordPress has the basic tools and widgets you need. With that being said, now that you have your ideas in mind, it’s time to write them down and start posting, especially that you’ve just learned how to start a book blog!