A Start-Up Guide to Starting Facebook Ads for Your Book

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April 22, 2017

You see these promotional photos and videos appearing every now and then in your Facebook’s newsfeed—and you begin to imagine your own book there seen by hundreds, if not thousands.

Facebook becomes the ideal platform for many businesses. As an author-preneur yourself, using Facebook Ads will dramatically increase your book’s online presence.

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Facebook uses ads which are strategically-placed on specific areas on your newsfeed—right sidebar of the homepage, under a sponsored header, or on Facebook fan pages.


Start promoting your book using Facebook Ads. Get to know the basics.

What exactly are Facebook Ads?

Simply put, they are ads of companies, organizations, and individuals that you see on Facebook.


How do they appear?

Certain ads appear based on your interests, posts, and the pages you like on Facebook. For instance, liking a page about books will have Facebook’s algorithm suggest an ad pertaining to books.


What do Facebook Ads look like?

Facebook Ads generally consist of the following:

  • Title with a maximum of 25 characters
  • An image with dimensions of 100 x 80
  • Ad copy with a maximum of 135 characters
  • A like button that serves as the ad’s call-to-action


What Are Facebook Sponsored Ads?

Pages of companies typically use sponsored ads to reach a wider audience. In sponsored ads, you’ll see certain posts of Facebook pages displayed on your newsfeed, even though you haven’t liked the page yet. This makes advertising on Facebook easier to draw people in.


Self-publishing a novel?
Advertise through Facebook Ads, with this quick guide on how to set up.


How budget-friendly are Facebook Ads?

Facebook has two Facebook ad campaign plans that you can choose from: per-day and lifetime. You get to set the budget, and Facebook will pace the spending throughout the allotted time.

setting up facebook ads


Do Facebook Ads appear on other related social networking platforms?

If your Facebook account is connected to your Instagram account, you may also notice that there are Instagram ads that are similar to what you see on Facebook. Again, this is based on algorithms on what you like and who you’re following, among others.


Should you use Facebook Ads in promoting your book?

Facebook has 1.65 billion active users per month, so this makes this social networking site a major platform for self-publishing authors looking to build their readership and reach their target audience.


Ready to set up your Facebook Ads for your self-published novel? Here’s how.

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